Welcome to the demo page of ROSE-based tools, please follow the links below to try them (Note: many tools are still research prototypes under development): 

Program Analysis Tools:

* identityTranslator: the simplest source-to-source translator built using ROSE.

* Plugin: develop/build/execute a ROSE-based tool via the plugin mechanism of identityTranslator.

* dotGenerator: simple dot graph of input source code

* dotGeneratorWholeASTGraph: more comprehensive dot graph of input code

* pdfGenerator: a tool to generate bookmarked pdf file for larger input code

* Callgraph Generator: a tool to generate static call graphs

Code Generation/Program Transformation/Optimization Tools:

* AST Inliner: a tool to replace function callsites with bodies of called functions

* AST Outliner: a tool to extract code portions and make them into functions

* OpenMP Lowering: a special mode of identityTranslator to translate OpenMP input code

* AutoPar: an automatic parallelization tool using OpenMP

* LoopProcessor: a loop optimization tool to automatically tile, interchange, block, fuse, split loops